Year 5 Resources

Earth and Space Year 5 Science MTP.docx
Light Year 5 (6) Science MTP.docx

Please note that the light unit in fact belongs to Year 6 but at my school we have swapped it with the Year 5 forces unit as it fits in better with our topics. So they will appear to be in the wrong place but this unit can be used with Year 6 as it is. The national curriculum guidance allows you to make these changes between 5 and 6.

Properties and Changes of Materials Year 5 Science MTP .docx
Living Things and their Habitats Year 5 MTP.docx
Animals Including Humans Year 5 MTP.docx
Science Covid Catch Up Overview .docx

Addition/ Support Materials

Astronomer -Astro Physicist Booklet .pdf
I created this booklet as part of an independent science week challenge when the theme was space. It could be used as homework.